In the gated area no vehicles are permitted to park in the street, along the street (common area right-of-way) or unapproved parking pads along the street. In the Overlook Villas parking is restricted to driveways and parking area in front of middle units. Vehicles in the Overlook Villa parking at the end of street are prohibited and become a safety hazard or nuisance as so parked. Vehicles prohibited from parking in the Common Areas include but may not be limited to commercial vehicles (as defined by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and as adopted by the State of Maryland), buses, boats, jet skis, snow mobiles, lawn or farm equipment, RVs/campers and trailers. All vehicles parked within the Common Areas must carry a current motor vehicle registration. Repair or extraordinary maintenance of vehicles on any of the Common Areas shall be prohibited.  Parking enforcement, which may include but not be limited to fair warnings, waivers, exceptions, parking fines or towing, shall be at the discretion of the Board given the severity and circumstances surrounding infractions, including chronic and continuing violations.
No Overnight Parking in pool parking lot.