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Overlook Villas Landscaping Project September Update.       April 14, 2021
April 13,2021. Today as a member of the Property Committee,along with our property manager we started with the first Phase of mulching in our community. The entrance signs I’m OLV along with Highlands were given a fresh layer of mulch. We also started the first phase in all of OLV common area sloped beds. We added fresh mulch around the front quarter of the beds , around the newly planted cat mints. We will be starting Phase 2 of the ongoing landscaping rejuvenation by
planting more new plants. Yellow potinillas in the next couple of months. as weather permits Once those plants are in we will be adding additional mulch to all beds. The goal is all to be finished before the big weekend of the 4th of July.

Overlook Villas Landscaping Project September Update.        September 14, 2020
We hope everyone has had a safe and fun summer.  It has been two months since we have begun the rejuvenation of the Overlook Villas grounds.   While we are still battling with ongoing constraints of Covid-19, we have been able to accomplish many goals in our Phase 1 of the OVL Landscaping project. New trees have been planted throughout both levels and at the upper entrance sign.  New mulch was brought in for entire community of embankment beds, as well as trees,and entrance ways. The catmint plants have been planted in all embankment beds.  All embankment beds were de-weeded,(ongoing battle) as well as the hillside between upper and lower level was mowed completely.
We have also addressed the need of better and more consistent mowing and trimming, and have changed our mow crew to Fratz.   
We are looking to have the large cherry trees trimmed  and fertilized this fall to give them better shape and remove branches that are growing into the units.
The prototype  embankment bed has been a work in progress. We are identifying plants that have been working well, and others that have not.
We are looking to start Phase 2 in the spring with  procuring and planting the plants identified as working well to all embankment beds, and removing the problematic lilies once and for all, and continuing to address other plants and mulch in areas as needed.
We are in the process of updating this link with pictures and schedule for the landscaping project.
This week August 10, 2020
The project is moving along at a great pace. The flowerbeds are mulched the trees are mulched. The hillside Between the two rows of villas has been mowed.
This week, July 28, 2020-
All of the trees. with the exception of the two Thundercloud Plum at entranceway, have been planted and are being watered.  The trees that have been planted are: white flowing dogwood, pink flowing Thundercloud Plum, Con-colored fir and arborvitaes. All of the flower beds have been weeded, sprayed and mulched.
We are starting the "Embankment Bed Updatiing" today by planting the front border of all eight flower beds with deer resistant Catnip: 

This week, July 21, 2020 we are starting the replacement of the dead cherry trees with new trees. The new trees will be con color first, thunder cloud plum and white dogwood. We have completed the mulching of all the flowerbeds and both entranceways.  
 July 15, 2020 we are mulching the beds and trees and painting the entranceway signs- thanks to Landscape Committee Chair- Gena Sweeney-
July 8, 2020 we will begin removing dead and dying trees from the front of the units. The trees are marked with ribbons. They will be replaced with the White Dogwood Rosa Tikka
and the Thundercloud Plum Tree
and the Concolor Fir Trees
Overlook Villas Members    July, 8, 2020
We hope all is well with each of you and your families during these unprecedented times due to the Global pandemic of Covid -19.   The year 2020 has been unbelievable and beyond challenging on many, many levels.  The Board of Directors is aware that the 16-year-old OLV townhouse community needs attention in building repairs and landscaping, therefore two ad hoc committees were recently created; OLV Architectural Consulting Committee and OLV Landscaping Committee. Our new full-time OLV Members, Brian and Gena Sweeney, have graciously volunteered to head the committees. Brian, chair of the OLV Architectural Consulting Committee  is in the process of assessing and inspecting the townhouses for maintenance issues and notifying members of necessary needed repairs through Deep Creek Highlands Architectural Committee. Gena, chair of the OLV Landscaping Committee has been diligently working with other OLV Landscaping Committee members and the Management Company researching, designing, performing cost analysis, procurement of product and working with contractors to implement a landscaping improvement project. This is a very big undertaking as OLV has many areas that have been enduring harsh conditions for many years, and several trees are at the end of their life span.
The OLV Landscaping Committee is happy to report that progress is being made although Covid-19 is still ongoing and the residual effects from the government shutdowns and the virus itself, are still being felt and slowing down the timeframe. Phase One of the landscape improvements include the entranceways, removal of dead and dying trees in front of the units and replacing with 3 different varieties and upgrading the flower beds.  
Phase One is already under way with an array of blooming flowers at the entrance ways, one protype bed nearly completed and tree removal beginning this week. Trees to be removed this week are tagged with ribbons.  Please be advised there will be equipment and contractors working around the townhouses in the next few weeks planting the new trees and starting on the flower beds. Your patience during these times are appreciated. It is very difficult to find contractors as they are all working with skeleton crews due to the pandemic.
We have created a link ( OLV Landscaping Project) on the community website, to keep updated on the progress.
Stay Safe,
The Deep Creek Highlands Board of Directors
Mike Piersante
Craig Wasson
Cathe Iampieri




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