Overlook Villas Info
  • The Members of the Overlook Villas share all the amenities that the Deep Creek Highlands offer with the excepting of lake access and docks.
  • The Overlook Villas are NOT condominiums.  
  • Overlook Villas are townhouses, therefore, the unit owners are responsible for insuring their personal property which includes their villas. The Association doesn't insure the Overlook Buildings.
  • Members of the Overlook Villas are responsible for the painting and roofing of their own units. Prior to any work done on the exterior of the unit, the member must be approved by the Architectural Committee. Painting Information from Sam Bulter Painting 
  • Cutting or planting of any vegetation (including trees) is prohibited without prior approval.
Paint and stain colors are located on the architecture of change order form drop down menu.

Roof shingle is Owens Corning Duration Driftwood Architectural 
Plat of Overlook Villas
Plat of Overlook Villas (2)