All exterior lighting must be approved by the Architectural Committee. Outdoor cafe orange and colored lighting is not permitted. The community is a "Night-sky Watch" and all spotlights and bright outdoor light must be off by 11:00 PM.
Between the Thanksgiving Holiday and January 15, the following holiday decorations WILL BE ALLOWED as exceptions to our POA's exterior architectural rules (no pre-approval will be required however the board reserves the right to require that any lights or decorations found to be objectionable be removed):
-White or multi-color holiday lights (must be turned off nightly by 11pm ET to confirm with night sky requirements)
-Holiday wreaths/garlands
Inflatable figures, plastic figures, and statues are not permitted. Please note that all exterior holiday decorations must be removed NLT January 15.
The board wishes all our members a safe, healthy, and enjoyable holiday season!