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Welcome to Deep Creek Highlands Property Owners Association's Official Website! 
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The Community is managed by A-Plus HOA Management, LLC.  For assistance, concerns or question for the Management Company or Board of Directors  use the "Contact Us" navigational link on the left. 
~ DCH- Board Update- ~
2021 Annual Members Meeting Results
Hello Deep Creek Highlands Members,
We held the 2021 Annual Members Meeting on December 4, 2021. Due to the continued pandemic, we held the meeting virtually. Congratulations to incumbent, Brian Sweeney, for winning the election to serve a three year term. The motion to amend the Declaration to increase the Board of Directors to five, failed. 
We will continue to use the “Contact Us” navigational link on the community website for members to submit suggestions, concerns or questions for the Board to review   Since “Contact Us” was implemented a few years ago, it has been an extremely helpful tool aiding in communication and a means to retain and archive association records.
Thank you,
Swimming Pool and Restrooms
Closed for the season
Main Gate
Unfortunately, we continue to have problems with the main entrance gate. Currently, we are waiting for a part and until it arrives and installed, the gate arm is inoperable. We will resume selling remotes when the gate is repaired.
Direct all questions through the “Contact Us” navigational link on
Since the incorporation of the Deep Creek Highlands POA, there has been a need to revise the initial Governing Documents (Declaration, Bylaws and Architectural Guidelines) due to their lack of consistency, failure to address the Overlook Villas unique needs and ambiguities. Twenty years later, the Documents are out of date with the required compliance of the Maryland Homeowners Act. Furthermore, there is a need to address and update issues that have been identified as of importance to the Deep Creek Highlands community through the years. The Governing Documents are in place for the good of the overall community and therefore are being enforced across the board as they are intended to protect, enhance, and maintain the homes and the property of the community. Phase 1 of the Revision and Changes of the Governing Documents is the creation and adoption of “Rules and Regulations with a Schedule of Fines”. This was accomplished on March 1, 2021 during the Quarterly Board Meeting. Establishing and enforcing Rules and Regulations is an important task for the Board to ensure that policies and procedures within the community run smoothly. They are set by our Governing Documents and all applicable local, state, and federal laws. They are a subset of restrictions and processes which members are already obligated to abide by through the existing Governing Documents and are not more restrictive than the existing Governing Documents. They can be viewed on the Community website’s ( navigational link ’Governing Documents’. We encourage all members to take the time to review the “Rules and Regulations” and those members who rent their homes, provide them to their rental companies. They are enforceable on renters as well as owners and guests. Ultimately, the member/owner is responsible for the actions of their guests and renters.
Pandemic-Related Decisions 
As for pandemic-related decisions, these were and continue to be undertaken by the Board with much thought and with the goals of following all laws and executive orders, health community guidance and for the purpose of keeping the Deep Creek Highlands community as safe as possible during this unprecedented time for all of us. 

~ Community Days were a SUCCESS! Join us this Fall! ~
Our  COMMUNITY DAYS were a complete SUCCESS!
What a beautiful and successful day we had with our our Community Days!  
Erica Gibbs, from the property committee and her family, headed up every Community Day with their smiles, rakes and shovels. We had over 30 helpers this summer starting with our spring clean up around our amenities area to planting and mulching the entranceway.  Full time residents from both the gated community and Overlook Villas along with part time owners, lot owners , as well as well as families came together for fun, fellowship, food and good old fashion work.  A special thanks to a new mom who gave birth 8 days ago to a little girl came out with her two young helpers!! So much was accomplished in the clean up of our tennis court, pool area, leaves raked  and blown out, dead tress and branches removed, as well as , clean up around the pavilion and playground area. Mulch was also placed at entrance signs. Goals were accomplished, memories were made. 
As one of our young participants said and I quote, “I am so happy, this was so much fun! I met new kids and made new friends!”  As did we all. That statement says it all. It sums up what this day was all about...Community!
Thank you to all who came out and participated.  You truly made a difference. It definitely takes a village!
Looking forward to next month as our fun and fellowship and work will continue.
June 5, 2021-  COMMUNITY DAY  - We had our THIRD  fun and successful Community  Day. Again, Members made new friends with their neighbors and we planted flowers, cleaned the pool house furniture, helped prepare the pool house restrooms and cleaned the trash area and the pool area. 
July 11, 2021 COMMUNITY DAY We had another successful day. We stained the furniture in the pool house and mulch around the pool area.
Overlook Villa Owners Guidelines for  Option to Maintain your own Lot
Section 6 of the Declaration, the Board of Directors, on behalf of the Association, is establishing a new policy, whereby Villa Owners will be given the option of properly maintaining the grass and plantings on their Lots, rather than having the Association do so on their behalf and assess accordingly.  Thus, any Villa Owner wishing to do so, will  merely need to send a written request to the Association to that effect and the Association will instruct its landscaper not to mow or fertilize the lawn or prune, mulch, fertilize, remove or install any plantings on that Owner’s Lot. Owners wishing to opt out of the Association’s maintenance must agree to maintain their Lots in at least as good condition as the Association maintains its Property.  Please be advised that gardening equipment, including hoses and landscaping materials, such as soil and mulch, may not be stored in the driveway.  In addition, Owners must adhere to all State and local regulations regarding the application of chemicals to the lawns and plantings located on their Lots. 

~ Deep Creek Watershed Foundation ~
The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation (DCWF) was founded in 2016 with the primary goal of raising funds to finance projects and initiatives to further implement the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan. The Watershed Management Plan provides a course for protecting, enhancing, and restoring the natural resources of the Deep Creek watershed. To further this commitment as our organization matures, DCWF is excited to announce a focus on Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), which is the practice of making incremental changes to business processes to improve efficiency and quality. This ongoing effort to improve existing business processes can consist of small ‘light-weight’ changes that enhance the workflow, or broader ‘breakthrough’ improvements that encourage innovation. Over time, these process improvement changes aim to: · improve communication, decision making, and teamwork · boost efficiency and project success · enhance partner and customer awareness · drive alignment with strategic goals, and · position our foundation for growth. This first step in our process improvement efforts focuses on leveraging industry best practices to enrich the onboarding of new board and advisory members, adopt proven Project Management practices, and define repeatable event planning and management activities. These important efforts are the best way to ensure that we are doing the right things in the most efficient, effective, and productive way to advance the mission of our foundation and the community. For GARRETT COUNTY HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATIONS The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation continues to keep all Homeowner’s Associations informed of our activities and projects. As the health of the lake and the tributaries is of key importance to all property owners, we want to involve members of Homeowner’s Associations located in the watershed area in our planning, projects and fund raising. The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation has ongoing projects that we can discuss with your association at your next meeting. We enjoy updating the community on these projects. We also like to hear from association members regarding their concerns to keep our lake and tributaries healthy. We also provide newsletters to the various associations to share with their members. We also like to receive recommendations from the various HOA’s for members to serve on the foundation’s board. If you would like to schedule a presentation for your next Homeowner’s Association meeting, please contact Sandy Bello at 240.321.2524.

We are in the processes of beautifying the Overlook Villa's landscaping and entranceways. Please stay updated by visiting the navigational link to your left "OLV Landscaping Project".

~ 2022 Annual Budget Approved ~
The Board of Directors approved the 2022 Annual Budget on Dec. 28, 2021. Due to the steep increase of inflation and rising trash removal costs, it was necessary to increase the assessments 10% from the past year. Note: assessments have not increased in 5 years.​​​​​​

~ COVID-19 Updates- Common Area Amenities and Short Term Vacation Rentals ~

Efforts to contain community spread of Covid-19 are in the best interests of the Members of the Deep Creek Highlands community. The DCH Board asks that all Members, their guests and tenants adhere to federal, state and local guidance related to staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board has moved forward with emergency related decisions in its management of the HOA during this unprecedented time that are initiated using its best judgment. As a result, the Board has implemented certain temporary rules that are meant to be in accord with measures undertaken by federal, state and local authorities, particularly as there is a move into reopening phases. Please refer to all Covid-19 directives or guidance as issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC), the Maryland Department of Health (the MDH), the State of Maryland, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (the DNR) and Garrett County as they are presently in effect. Details of these can be found on their respective websites. 
Common Area Amenities
Regulation of the Use of Common Area and other Property Owned by Deep Creek Highland’s POA
-Social Distancing guidance of six feet as published by the CDC and the MDH must be maintained on all HOA property.
-Hand washing before and after entering or using HOA property is recommended and face mask usage is required in accordance with CDC, MDH and local health guidance. 
-Planned group events are prohibited.
·        Tennis Courts will remain closed.
·        Playground will remain closed.
·        Pool, restrooms and pavilion will remain closed until further update from the health department. 
·        Gate arm was removed to stop the spread of COVID-19 on the keypad.
Adherence to Garrett County Directives and HOA Rules and Regulations Related to Vacation Rental Properties:
-All Members must adhere to the County’s latest in effect directives related to vacation rental properties.
These directives can be found on the Garrett County website.   COVID-19 RESOURCES AND INFORMATION --- May 14, 2020- Stage One Roadmap to Recovery in Garrett County.
-All Members who rent their units must provide these Covid-19 rules along with other HOA rules and regulations to their renters.
Deep Creek Highlands Board of Directors,
Mike Piersante    President
Craig Wasson      Vice President
Cathe Iampieri    Treasurer/Secretary
A-Plus HOA Management, LLC
Debi McDonnell
 DOCKS- Exclusively for Class 1 - Dock permit owners
.  All docks are intended to be used ONLY for the loading and unloading of authorized boat passengers and not for congregating or loitering. They are not "Community DOcks" they are exclusive for CLass 1 Members.
The Deep Creek Highlands outdoor pool, restrooms and pavilion are open. Pool hours are 10 am to 6 pm.
The gate arm was repaired and worked for two weeks in the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately, it broke and now we are waiting for a new motherboard for the repair.
Street and streetside parking are prohibited. Emergency  and snow removal vehicles must have  clear access to all Deep Creek Highlands community properties.  Violators will be towed by Buddy's Towing Service.(301-387-6455). Please check the County webmap link above to determine if your parking area is on the community's streetside (50' right-of-way in the  Associations Common Area that runs along each side of the paved street). 
The Pool Parking lot is exclusively for owners and guests to park when using the community amenities. Overnight parking, trailer and RV parking IS NOT permitted.
The Association's contractor for Landscaping and mowing for the Deep Creek Highlands Gated Area  is Carl Cooper-Lakeside Property Service
Overlook Villa- Josh Fratz, W. H. Fratz
There are many bears that roam the mountain top. People share in  the responsibility to avoid conflicts with bears. The best way to avoid bear problems is to take precautions not to attract bears in the first place. Do not feed or leave trash outside for the bear. Please visit
Deeded Lake Access is restricted to Class 1 and Class 2 owners. The Overlook Villas and Class 3 owners do not have deeded access and are not permitted to swim, lauch kayaks or use the docks. All Classes have  access to the Pavilion at the Lakeside Park and the restrooms. 
 Steps and bridge have been repaired. 
Gated Area- Fire pits are not permitted on property without prior Architectural Approval. No fire pits permitted in front or side of homes. 
Overlook Villas- NO wood burning outdoor fire pits (permanent or temporary. Gas fire pits must have Architectural approval.
We have miles of beautiful walking paths and trails in the woods and to the lake in DCH.  Some are paved, some are wood chipped and some are authentic (beaten down growth). All are relaxing and filled with beauty and solitude.  The walk to the lake is a leisurely walk down, but a great exercise routine on the way up. The steps may be slippery at times- hike at your own risk.
Deep Creek Highland membership includes membership in the Master Association. All members are welcome to use the Picnic Pavilion and restrooms at the Master Association Park located at 2200 Marsh Hill Road- accessible by the steps in the Highlands or driving. Class 1 and 2 membership have access to the lake from the park. Class 1 membership has dock access. The code to the restrooms are the same as the pool restrooms.
Our Two bear-proof green trash dumpsters are located in the pool parking lot and are provided for household trash only. All trash should be placed in plastic bags, tied and deposited in the dumpsters. Please do not deposit loose trash in the dumpsters and be sure to close the dumpster doors to prevent animals from accessing trash. Follow the system by discarding trash in the"Fill First" until full then use the "Fill Last"  dumpster. No trash should be left outside of the dumpster.

~ 2022 Annual Dues ~
The 2022 Annual Assessments will be sent to you via USPS on January 1, 2022. They will be due by February 1, 2022.

~ Meeting Dates for 2022 ~
Members are welcome to join the meetings via teleconference call - information for call in number on "Financials" navigational link. 
 2022 Schedule
 Quarterly Board Meetings   (8 PM)
March 1, 2022 
  ​​​​​​June 15, 2022
September 1, 2022 
December 1, 2022
2022 Annual Members Meeting
November 5,  Virtual Meeting 10:00 A.M.

~ Recreational Guest Passes ~
NOTE- Due to the pandemic, the amenity fee was waived for 2020. Depending on the continued threat from the coronavirus of health and safety, the Board will reconvene in the Spring to determine if the amenities will be available for the membership and guests in 2021. 
At no charge, every property in the Deep Creek Highlands Subdivision will be granted six (6) Annual Membership Passes designated for that parcel of property and not transferable to other properties.  The 6 Annual Membership Passes may be used by Members and Members’ guests residing on the property to enjoy the Association’s amenities.There is no restriction on the number of Guests using the amenities when the Member is present.  Detailed information and Forms to Purchase additional Guest Passes are located in the "Community Documents" navigational link on the left.

~ Community Day Schedule 2022 ~
Community Day
Everyone is invited to join in helping improve our community. Meet at the pool house at noon.We have snacks and beverages for all. We have not determined the dates. It is still snowing on the mountain right now (April 20, 2022). We will keep you posted.

~ What's Going On ~
The Draft 2040 Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (BPMP) is a comprehensive document that outlines existing conditions-demographics, infrastructure, safety, regional overviews, accomplishments, and emerging themes-and identifies future goals, objectives, and strategies. Drawn from these strategies, key initiatives are listed, each including short- and long-term targets that address the needs and opportunities for proposed bicycle and pedestrian policies, planning, and infrastructure projects throughout the State of Maryland.

Great Opportunity for our home owners!
Schedule a FREE quick home energy checkup for your home.
Building science professional, Mark Watkins, of Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging Services LLC. will inspect the following:
  • Heating/air conditioning system
  • Insulation levels
  • Possible ventilation issues
  • Evidence of air excessive leakage. 
  • Site drainage and more
During the CHECK Hot Shotz will install:
  • Up to ten energy saving LED light bulbs
  • Two shower heads, regular and or hand held
  • Kitchen and bath aerators
  • Pipe insulation for your electric water heater
All of your old lights bulbs, shower heads, etc. are left on site. Hot shotz will not perform an install unless the new product complements the décor and is of equal or greater value than the existing product. 
If you would like more information contact:
Mark Watkins, cell 240-321-5050
Office: 240-442-2159

Drawings for the New Entrance Signs
The Beautification Project for Deep Creek Highlands is underway. It includes new signage at the Entrance Ways and a trail system. 
SPEED LIMIT-  The max speed in the Association is 15 MPH.
PARKING-  Street Parking is prohibited. Overflow parking is available for daytime use only in the Pool parking lot. 
GATE CODES- Please make sure your guests and family have the GATE CODE. 
TRASH- The containers are provided for members to dispose of their household trash- No bulk items or construction materials. Vendors and contractors are not permitted to use dumpsters.
The Board is creating a program for property owners to remove trees from their property to obtain lake and mountain views that were intended when the properties were initially sold. There is a required procedure with written approval from the Architectural Committee prior to any cutting or removal of trees over 4" in diameter at breast height. The procedure and approval application will be posted on the "Community Documents" navigation link.   

~ Local Hiking Trails ~
Please login to view this area.

Deep Creek Lake State Park hikes
1. Snakeroot Nature Trail
Length: .25 miles, loop
Difficulty: Easy
First, let’s take it easy: the Snakeroot Nature Trail is the shortest, quickest trail on the list. Those in search of expert guidance needn’t worry, as brochures on identifying trees and wildlife are easily available. This mostly flat trail is just minutes from our Deep Creek Lake cabins and is ideal for guests in search of an easy stroll.

2. Beckman’s Trail
Length: 1.7 miles, loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Beckman’s Trail has the perfect balance of challenge and accessibility that makes it great for more experienced hikers or mountain bikers. The trail starts out nice and easy, before hitting a moderate incline. When you finish climbing, you’ll be rewarded with a serene natural rock garden, where you can catch your breath before heading toward the more technical parts of the trail. Eventually, Beckman’s Trail links up with the Brant Mine Trail, which combines gorgeous foliage with history at the Brant Coal Mine and Homesite.

3. Indian Turnip Trail
Length: 4 miles, loop
Difficulty: Challenging
It’s true that the most difficult trails can have the best payoff—and the Indian Turnip Trail is no exception. You can start this hike back at the parking lot, or pick it up from Beckman’s Trail. Indian Turnip brings more tricky rocky terrain, along with a few steep inclines. However, it’s quite well paced, with downhill sections to balance out the uphill marches. You’ll have plenty to admire as you walk, with intermittent rock gardens and mossy stones lining the trail. Mountain bikers enjoy this trail as well, but the rocky terrain and steep hills require some experience.

4. Meadow Mountain Trail
Length: 3.9 miles, loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Meadow Mountain is one of the more popular Deep Creek Lake hiking trails—and considering its relatively long length, that speaks volumes about the beauty you’ll find along the way. You can pick it up from the rockier Beckman’s Trail, or start from the entrance by the parking lot. The trail is fairly relaxing, with less scrambling on rocky surfaces than other hikes.
The trail is accessible year-round, but there are two times of the year in particular you should plan your visit. Autumn is an easy choice, thanks to the vibrant leaves, but abundant wildflower blooms in the spring are not to be missed. You don’t have to go at it alone, either—as long as they’re leashed, your canine companions can explore the trail with you! Be sure to browse our pet-friendly Deep Creek Lake vacation rentals to find the perfect spot for you and your dog.


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